Testing and Inspection

Testing and Inspection

To ensure your company complies with electrical legislation, it is crucial that your premises is periodically tested and inspected. This legislation is in place to keep yourself and your work colleagues safe from the risk of electrical fires or electrocution.

Electrical installations, like all infrastructure components, deteriorate and sustain damage in everyday service. Conduits, cables, seals, sockets and switches are all susceptible to impact damage and wear and tear. Wiring can be disturbed and contacts become loose due to unexpected mechanical strains.

Depending on the environment in which you work, corrosive liquids or atmospheric conditions can accelerate the deterioration of both conductors and insulators, or cause wiring to oxidize faster than normal. To minimise risks and ensure your wiring complies with all relevant regulations and obligations, Amtech Electrical Limited provides comprehensive Fixed Wire Testing to IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition.

What the regulations say:

All electrical installations should be inspected and tested regularly to comply with current legislation, and you must take proper precautions to reduce the risk of electrical failure causing injury or death. Since July 2008, IET Regulations 2008 -17th Edition, have brought testing into line with European standards.

All our testing engineers have all attained qualifications to the new standard.

In addition to meeting these regulations, you may need to test in order to comply with the requirements of landlords, insurers or, for example, licensing authorities.

How often should my premises be tested?

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