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Ensuring that you are compliant with the Health and Safety Act and maintaining an up-to-date list of checked devices can be a time consuming, expensive and complicated procedure for site managers.


Portable appliance testing (PAT) is one of the areas that we specialise in at Amtech. As well as providing free and friendly advice about the law, we will guide you through the legislation and work with you to device a plan of action to ensure all of your devices, where necessary are checked on a regular basis.


Different devices require checks at different intervals, so it is good to get an understand of your legal requirements so that money is not wasted on unnecessary checks.


We work closely with various schools and businesses to plan their PAT testing checks. This includes working out the best possible time for you. The nature of the checks require us to unplug the equipment so often it is best to perform the checks out of hours. Whether this is early in the morning, after hours or at weekends does not matter. We will work around you and your staff to ensure we do not cause any disruption.


The Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) places such an obligation in the following circumstances:

  1. 1. Where appliances are used by employees.
  2. 2. Where the public may use appliances in places such as hospitals, schools, hotels, shops etc.
  3. 3. Where appliances are supplied or hired.
  4. 4. Where appliances are repaired or serviced.

Regular checks are important as equipment can become damaged over time and cause various risks to you, your employees and your facilities. We work with organisations in Bracknell, Slough, Camberley, Farnborough, Guildford and the surrounding areas.


For more information on how our team can help, please get in touch. We are happy to provide guidance and perform a site visit to understand your particular requirements.


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